Tommi Elo has been appointed as the CEO of Merilampi

Tommi Elo has been appointed as the CEO of Merilampi


When the current CEO, Heidi Merikalla-Teir, transitions to other roles outside Merilampi, Attorney-at-law Tommi Elo will assume the position of CEO, effective May 6, 2024. Merikalla-Teir will continue to serve Merilampi until mid-June during the transition period.

“I want to express my gratitude to all my colleagues and friends at Merilampi for our years of collaboration. It has been an honor to work together in advancing the firm in alignment with the goals and values we set. Together, we have accomplished great things, despite the unforeseen challenges of recent years—ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to geopolitical unrest and a volatile market landscape. I also wish to warmly thank our clients, colleagues, and cooperation partners for their trust and excellent cooperation over these years. As Merilampi embarks on a new chapter, the timing feels right for a transition in leadership and for me to pursue new opportunities in my career”, Heidi Merikalla-Teir states.

Tommi Elo has worked at Merilampi for 18 years, during which time he has also served as a member of the executive team and the board of directors. As an attorney, Tommi focuses on banking and finance, real estate and securities transactions, as well as issues related to mergers and acquisitions.

“I thank Merilampi’s partners for their trust. In line with its strategic process, the firm is transitioning to a new chapter which I will be leading forward together with the entire staff. I firmly believe that there is a need and an own important place for a player like Merilampi in the competitive legal market. Our goal is to continue providing our clients with high-quality, solution-oriented legal services", says Tommi Elo, who started as the CEO.

"The choice of Tommi as our new CEO was obvious. Tommi is a dynamic and forward-thinking person, who has nearly 20 years of Merilampi knowhow in his backpack. As a seasoned attorney specialized in finance, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate transactions, he possesses an excellent grasp of the entire business law landscape and its various operators. With Merilampi’s future focus on two core areas, transactions and dispute resolution, this background equips Tommi with solid foundation to lead the firm forward," summarizes Jussi Ikonen, the Chairman of the Board.

"At the same time, I want to thank Heidi for her outstanding and incredibly dedicated work for Merilampi over the past five years. The level of our performance has significantly risen across all sectors, and simultaneously, our firm's reputation both domestically and internationally is now substantially stronger than ever before. I wish Heidi all the best for her future," concludes Ikonen.

More information:

Tommi Elo, 040 580 3719,

Jussi Ikonen, 040 097 8281,

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