Tax Law​

Tax Law​

Tax is constantly changing due to new regulations, digitalization and a rapidly evolving global economy. Ever-changing legislation and complex tax issues can pose numerous challenges for businesses and individuals alike.

Good tax planning, assessment of different options and preparing for future scenarios enable businesses to operate and grow. We at Merilampi help find solutions that best promote and support our clients'’ businesses.


We specialize in providing tax advice to businesses, their owners and executive management. We advise both domestic and international clients on tax law matters such as tax planning, corporate structuring, incentive schemes, tax litigation and changes of generations.


We offer a wide range of tax law services to companies, associations, foundations, and individuals. Our services cover a wide range of legal issues related to taxation in the fields of domestic and international corporate, personal, and indirect taxation. We assist our clients in areas such as:


  • Tax planning and consulting
  • International tax issues
  • Corporate structuring
  • M&A, including due diligence processes
  • Structuring of assets and intellectual property rights
  • Transfer pricing
  • Managing companies’ and groups’ tax matters
  • Tax litigation and assistance in dealing with tax authorities
  • Ownership changes including changes of generations
  • Tax-efficient reward practices
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Issues related to working abroad
  • Private persons’ tax matters


Merilammen juuret ovat yhtiöoikeudessa, joten meillä on hyvin kokonaisvaltainen näkemys liikejuridiikkaan, yritysten liiketoimintaan ja laajemminkin liike-elämään.


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