We are a law firm that understands life – both business life and people of all kinds.

A solution-focused approach based on legal excellence and a culture of caring go hand in hand at Merilampi.

About us

Merilampi’s roots are in company law, which means that we have a comprehensive understanding of business law and business life on a broader scale.

This helps us predict our clients’ needs in advance and find solutions that best promote the client’s business.

Our expertise

We are particularly known for our work in mergers and acquisitions and dispute resolution, but our services also cover other areas of demanding business law.

We always strive to gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and to create an effective partnership that achieves results. In all our assignments, we want to encounter our clients also on a personal level: together we can achieve more.

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Tetti Kunnas ja Antti Kahri hissien edessä

Corporate culture

In our corporate culture, partners are integrally involved throughout the assignments. Our teams are diverse yet compact: diversity ensures different perspectives and compactness guarantees the client does not pay for any unnecessary work. We do not develop any unnecessary hierarchy or red tape, and we are driven by our passion to solve legal problems.

Clients see our operating model in the in-depth expertise of our team, practical and uncomplicated service and cost-effectiveness.

Corporate responsibility

We do not seek quick wins, but rather build the foundation of our competitiveness for the long term. By taking care of our profitability and competitiveness, we are better positioned to responsibly address broader issues. We aim to create value sustainably for our clients, employees, and society as a whole.

We engage in ongoing dialogue with our key stakeholders. We want to be actively involved in discussions, especially concerning business, legal practice, and the advocacy sector. We also wish to demonstrate through our example the strength and societal importance of equal and diverse working environments.

Merilampi in numbers


Since 1992, we have successfully handled the cases of significant domestic and international companies


We are an organisation of 30 experts, driven by a shared passion for solving legal problems


Customer satisfaction average (on a scale of 1–5)


Net Promoter Score, which measures the willingness of customers to recommend (on a scale of -100–100)

Our values

Solution-focused approach

We focus on what is essential and we provide our clients with uncomplicated solutions.

Solution-focused approach means that we focus on the essential: our legal advice always builds on the business goals of our clients. Our solution-focused approach is also reflected in our agility. Doing business with us is uncomplicated, practical and quick.


The interests of our clients and the well-being of our people are our top priorities. Appreciation and humanity can be seen in everything we do.

We appreciate and care for our clients and people. A humane operating model also means conducting our business in a good and responsible manner: it creates long-term value for our clients, employees and the society as a whole.


Our passion is to serve our clients and develop as professionals and as people.

Passion is the key driver for us. The importance of expertise and problem-solving skills increases in proportion to the difficulty of the legal problem. We are constantly developing ourselves professionally as well as personally. This enables us to provide our clients with the best possible service.


We always act in the best interests of our clients and with the highest integrity. We are proud of the uncompromised quality and trustworthiness of our work.

Integrity is our moral backbone. Without it, we would have nothing. We are resolute in promoting the interests of our clients and we always seek for the best possible solution. However, we will not do that at any cost: we only propose solutions that we can support.

What they
say about us

"Merilampi provides high-quality results in the area of disputes. The team works seamlessly together in large litigation. The lawyers are always very responsive and provide to-the-point answers" "The law firm has a great variety of substantial expertise. The Merilampi lawyers are easy to work with and they summarise and and simplify complex matters. Their legal skills are very strong."

Dispute Resolution Client
Chambers Europe (2024)

"The service is knowledgeable, fast and respectful to all parties involved" "The team has a wide knowledge of employment matters in Finland."

Employment Law Client
Chambers Europe (2024)

"Merilampi has a hands-on, pragmatic approach with the ability to find solutions to any task" "The firm has a solution-orientated but at the same time sophisticated way of handling matters."

Real Estate Client
Chambers Europe (2024)

"The service is always professional and the way it operates is sufficient proof that the firm is among the best in the field."

The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals Publication
World Trademark Review (2021)

"Long term insight and commitment to client work. Deep knowledge of our company’s business and current matters. Strong customer orientation and service mindedness."

Commercial, Corporate and M&A Client
Legal 500 (2023)

"The leading office concerning construction matters, both small and big ones."

Real Estate and Construction Client
Legal 500 (2023)

"The team is likely the most efficient legal RE team in the Finnish market with excellent value-for-money ratio."

Real Estate and Construction Client
Legal 500 (2023)

"Effective and clear advice combined with easy accessible lawyers with detailed knowledge about complex subject matters."

Dispute Resolution Client
Legal 500 (2023)

"Excellent legal knowledge and customer-orientated approach. The practice has a very structured, client-friendly approach."

Employment Law Client
Legal 500 (2023)

"Merilampi is excellent. I can trust them 100% and they can handle complex matters."

Dispute Resolution Client
Chambers Europe (2023)

"All the team members in the EU and competition practice are very service minded, persistent and definitely very professional. The team is working seamlessly together and the responsible partner is always on top of the things. One of the biggest strengths of the team is the fast response time and ability to take control of things quickly."

EU and Competition Client
Legal 500 (2023)

"They always try to achieve the best possible outcome considering the overall interests of our client. The Merilampi office has extensive expertise; they can find an expert in different areas depending on the content of the case."

Employment Law Client
Chambers Europe (2023)

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