Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Merilampi is one of the most renowned and versatile law firms in the field of dispute resolution in Finland. Our objective in a dispute is to achieve the best possible outcome considering the overall interests of our client.

When serving our clients, we take into account all their interests, legal and otherwise. We offer strategic advice in disputes as well as assist our clients in negotiations with adverse parties and in mediations and other methods of alternative dispute resolution.

We represent our clients in general courts and arbitrations as well as before special courts, such as administrative, market and labour courts. We also assist our clients in a variety of other proceedings, including precautionary measure proceedings and in the enforcement of judgments and awards.



Various types of disputes may arise in connection with business operations. The counterparty might be, for example, a client, a business partner, an employee, a competitor or a public authority. A dispute may be domestic or have an international character. Because the risks of disputes are varied, the right approach requires a case-by-case consideration.

We approach disputes practically by using our knowledge and experience. Our clients value us for taking control of disputes quickly.

Merilampi is one of the most renowned and versatile law firms in the field of dispute resolution. We advise our clients in demanding assignments that require comprehensive knowledge as well as in precautionary measure proceedings and enforcement of judgments and awards. We advise our clients in both ordinary courts and special courts, such as administrative, market and labour courts.


Arbitration is an alternative to litigation as a dispute resolution method. It is commonly used in resolving disputes between corporations. The general objective of arbitration is to resolve a dispute swiftly cost-efficiently, in a flexible matter and in confidence without publicity.

International arbitration proceedings, in particular, differ from Finnish court proceedings in various ways. Efficient and successful representation of a party in arbitration requires specific expertise and experience. We continuously represent our clients in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings. Furthermore, our attorneys also act as arbitrators.

Strategic advice and ADR

In most cases, the primary way to resolve a looming corporate dispute is to prevent its emergence or, at minimum, its escalation. Typically, the next best resolution is a swift settlement on good terms and without legal proceedings.

We offer our clients strategic advice on avoidance and prevention of disputes as well as on the management of already materialised conflicts. Furthermore, we also assist our clients in mediations and other ADR procedures. Many of our attorneys are accredited as mediators by the Finnish Bar Association.

Liability Issues

Advising and assisting our clients in legal matters concerning their liability as board members, managers or auditors is a part of our day-to-day role as attorneys.

Our deep knowledge of different liability types and our solution-focused approach to legal problems are our central assets in assignments related to liability issues.


  • Securities market cases
  • Marketing matters
  • Damages and product liability
  • Various kinds of contractual liability matters
  • Product liability and product recalls
  • Liability matters directed against board members, management and auditors
  • Data protection liability
  • Industrial safety liability
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Liability matters related to construction projects
Restructuring and Insolvency

Insolvency and reorganisation proceedings require trustworthy legal advisors who possess a special expertise. A comprehensive understanding and command of business law is essential.

Over the years, we have taken part in many of Finland’s biggest bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings. A large part of our assignments related to insolvency matters also concern those situations that often come up in business life, where the bankruptcy, corporate restructuring or liquidity problems of our clients' contractual partner or other cooperation entity cause problematic situations and questions regarding, for example, the contractual relationship or the continuation of cooperation.


Merilammen juuret ovat yhtiöoikeudessa, joten meillä on hyvin kokonaisvaltainen näkemys liikejuridiikkaan, yritysten liiketoimintaan ja laajemminkin liike-elämään.
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