Corporate responsibility

Responsibility is a key part of Merilampi's corporate culture. Our values – solution-focused approach, caring, passion, and integrity – are at the core of everything we do and form the foundation for all our activities.
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Corporate responsibility

We do not seek quick wins, but rather build the foundation of our competitiveness for the long term. By taking care of our profitability and competitiveness, we are better positioned to responsibly address broader issues. We aim to create value sustainably for our clients, employees, and society as a whole.

We engage in ongoing dialogue with our key stakeholders. We want to be actively involved in discussions, especially concerning business, legal practice, and the advocacy sector. We also wish to demonstrate through our example the strength and societal importance of equal and diverse working environments.

Employees and diversity

Caring is a core value for us and is reflected in our humane approach, both within the office and in client relationships. We believe in balancing work and personal life, where a career does not mean sacrificing other aspects of life.

We trust that diversity enriches our thinking, discussion, and decision-making. Therefore, we pay attention to the diversity and equal treatment of our staff.

At our firm, juniors and seniors work side by side, facilitating better professional development and ensuring the transfer of expertise. We offer both internal and external training programs to support professional growth and well-being. All our staff have the opportunity – and the obligation – to regularly participate in training to develop in their roles. This serves to motivate our personnel and helps us to serve our clients as effectively as possible.

Student collaboration

At Merilampi, we employ law students as trainees throughout the year. Our trainees are genuinely an integral part of Merilampi.

We regularly collaborate with Finnish universities, law faculties, and student associations. Our goal is to share the expertise of our professionals with students and support their studies by offering practical teaching in business law.

We believe that participating in a moot court competition is a unique way for students to develop their skills and grow into legal professionals. Merilampi Case is a moot court competition organised by Merilampi Attorneys, in which the participants work in pairs to resolve a realistic client assignment. This competition provides students the opportunity to experience the practical work of a lawyer and develop as legal writers and presenters. We also coach teams in the international Vis Moot court competition.

Social contribution

We are committed to sharing our expertise and knowledge by actively participating in discussions related to business and legal practice. Our experts regularly lecture, train, and write about current topics in their areas of expertise.

We are involved in the preparation of Finnish legislation and serve in various trust positions and as active members of several organizations.

Jussi Ikonen, our Partner and Chairman of the Board, serves as a media lawyer appointed by the Finnish Bar Association. The role of a media lawyer is to build new bridges between the public and the legal system, to communicate about legal practices, and to clarify common questions related to litigation, defense, and dispute resolution.

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Information Security

Merilampi has officially been granted ISO 27001 information security certification. ISO 27001 is the leading international standard for information security that requires a certified company to adhere to strict data security requirements.The certification demonstrates our commitment to the best practices in information security. In the auditing process KPMG verified that all of our information security processes and policies meet or exceed the requirements of the standard.

Read more about the ISO27001 standard:

Pro bono and charity

We aim to utilize our expertise for the common good. We engage in pro bono work, especially for organizations that promote the well-being of children, youth, and families. In addition to our pro bono efforts, we support different causes each year through donations. Our focus has been on advancing children's rights and improving their situation both domestically and internationally.

Over the past few years, we have supported the efforts of organizations such as the ShedHelsinki Foundation, Save the Children Finland, Hope ry, Team Rynkeby, as well as the construction of the new children's hospital.

We provide pro bono work for the following organizations:

Shed Foundation, which works in the field of children's and youth theater.

The goal of the Shed Foundation is to establish a diverse children's and youth music theater in Finland and to make Finland a place where people dare to believe in their dreams and be seen just as they are. To ensure and expand its activities, Elisa founded the ShedHelsinki Foundation in 2017, which supports diverse and special-needs-considering child and youth work. Merilampi has been supporting the activities of ShedHelsinki from the beginning, and over the next few years, our collaboration will become even more intensive.

Environmental responsibility

Merilampi has been granted the Ekokompassi environmental certificate. Ekokompassi is an environmental management system (EMS) developed in a joint project by the municipalities of the Helsinki metropolitan area, coordinated by Kinos Oy, a subsidiary of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Ekokompassi is based on international environmental management standards ISO 14001 and EMAS, as well as similar Nordic systems.

With Ekokompassi, we assess the environmental impacts of our operations and work diligently for the well-being of the environment. We have identified the most significant environmental impacts of our activities and evaluated our potential to influence them. Based on these results, we have set goals and actions for our environmental work, the implementation of which we regularly monitor. We are committed to conserving natural resources.

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