We are looking for enthusiastic and ambitious law students who are genuinely interested in the law field to learn and to develop towards a lawyer. As a trainee, you get to work on versatile tasks.
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We are looking for law students for the Junior Trainee and Trainee programs. The part-time internship period lasts about 12 months and the interns have an average of 2-3 work shifts per week.

Training is a strong part of our culture. We organise a lot of internal trainings, which contribute to increasing our interns' professional skills and understanding of the legal profession as a whole.

The hierarchy in our office is very low, and our students really are a part of Merilampi and our everyday life. The long internship period enables an in-depth orientation program, a comprehensive introduction to the legal profession and learning from respected experts in various legal fields.

The internship is easy to combine with studies, because agreeing work shifts among the interns according to the study and exam situation brings flexibility to the schedules. Good fringe benefits also apply to all our interns.

Junior Trainee

Junior Trainees play a central role in the day-to-day running of our office. Duties include various running matters of the office and messenger tasks, taking care of our conference rooms, working at our office reception, various customer service tasks and assisting our assistant pool. In this role, you will get to know the practical everyday life of a law firm.

You are suitable as a Junior Trainee if:

  • you are proactive, meticulous and reliable
  • you want to get to know the everyday life of a law firm and gain work experience in the field
  • you have good teamwork skills
  • you communicate fluently in Finnish and English
  • you have good information search and IT skills
  • you are a law student in the early stage of your studies

Our Trainee-program is aimed at law students who are in the final stages of their studies. As a trainee, you play a central role as an assistant in different assingments and you get to do interesting and versatile business law work for different practice groups.

You are involved in preparing legal documents, you do information search and translation work in various assignments. You follow the preparation and changes of laws and their effects on our and our customers' operations. You also prepare newsletters for our lawyers and support the knowledge management function of our office. You get your own tutor to support you.

You are suitable as a Trainee if:

  • you have an uncompromising attitude to work
  • you are interested in showing your skills and developing into an expert in demanding business law
  • thoroughness, proactivity, self-initiative and good communication skills are a strong part of you
  • you communicate fluently in Finnish and English
  • you have good information search and IT skills
  • you are a law student in the final stages of your studies

Open trainee positions

See our open trainee positions below. Outside application periods, we accept open applications.

Merilampi Case

Merilampi Case is a moot court competition organised by Merilampi Attorneys, in which the participants work in pairs to resolve a realistic client assignment. Merilampi Case is aimed at law students.

Read about the experiences of our trainees at Merilampi

Our values

Merilampi is a value-driven company. Our values - solution-focused approach, caring, passion and integrity - guide all our activities, such as our recruitment and the development of our office. Our values take us towards our vision of being one of the most respected, interesting and relevant providers of legal services. Read more about us and our responsibility .

Solution-focused approach

We focus on what is essential and we provide our clients with uncomplicated solutions.

Solution-focused approach means that we focus on the essential: our legal advice always builds on the business goals of our clients. Our solution-focused approach is also reflected in our agility. Doing business with us is uncomplicated, practical and quick.


The interests of our clients and the well-being of our people are our top priorities. Appreciation and humanity can be seen in everything we do.

We appreciate and care for our clients and people. A humane operating model also means conducting our business in a good and responsible manner: it creates long-term value for our clients, employees and the society as a whole.


Our passion is to serve our clients and develop as professionals and as people.

Passion is the key driver for us. The importance of expertise and problem-solving skills increases in proportion to the difficulty of the legal problem. We are constantly developing ourselves professionally as well as personally. This enables us to provide our clients with the best possible service.


We always act in the best interests of our clients and with the highest integrity. We are proud of the uncompromised quality and trustworthiness of our work.

Integrity is our moral backbone. Without it, we would have nothing. We are resolute in promoting the interests of our clients and we always seek for the best possible solution. However, we will not do that at any cost: we only propose solutions that we can support.

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