Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

For years, Merilampi has been a key player in the most significant real estate transactions in Finland, which have become increasingly complex and international. Our clients appreciate our practical and clear style of working.

Real estate transactions have become increasingly complex and international. This is why experience and deep understanding of the real estate business and construction projects are integral to successfully performing assignments.

Our lawyers specialising in real estate transactions are some of Finland’s most experienced in their field. Our expertise is based on the successful completion of numerous transactions and financings of property complexes. We regularly participate in the largest real estate transactions in Finland. Also, our knowledge in the construction business supports the efficient management of real estate transactions.

Our client base includes among others insurance companies, real estate funds, real estate investors, construction companies, real estate development companies and industrial users of real estate.


  • Sale of property companies, real estate and real estate portfolios
  • Sale and leaseback arrangements
  • Real estate development projects
  • Founding real estate funds
  • Drafting rental agreements
  • Agreements relating to real estate management and real estate
  • Legal due diligence in real estate transactions


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