Product Compliance and ​Product Liability

Product Compliance and ​Product Liability

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of product compliance, product safety, and liability matters.

Companies manufacturing, importing and distributing products have to carefully consider their obligations stemming from EU’s and national legislation. For the purpose of product compliance, it is particularly important that companies ensure that their products, as well as packaging and labelling of those products, fulfil the requirements before placing them on the market. Furthermore, depending on the type of product, a relevant and accurate information must be made available, for example, to distributors, customers or users of products. It is not only a question of fulfilling the legal requirements but also achieving a competitive edge when a company can be confident that its products are safe and compliant with the relevant requirements.

In case where a faulty or dangerous product has entered the market, the best way to avoid any undesired consequences is to quickly and effectively mitigate any potential risks caused by such products.

We support our clients in a wide range of product compliance and liability questions and help them to resolve situations efficiently and practically where non-compliant or faulty products have been placed on the market. We assist in cases where the authorities have taken measures regarding products and in cases where measures are taken on the clients’ own initiative.

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of product compliance, product safety, and liability matters. We advise our domestic and international clients in matters relating to product labeling requirements (e.g. CE and warning markings) and for example on questions relating to chemicals and other substances in products. We also assist our clients in product recalls, prepare instructions and training on the basis of companies’ individual needs and represent our clients in matters relating to product safety and product liability before the relevant authorities and courts.


  • CE marking and other product labeling requirements
  • Product safety issues (GPSD), product recalls and RAPEX-matters
  • Product liability
  • Appeal proceedings before the relevant authorities
  • Court proceedings and litigation in product safety and liability matters
  • Assessments and advice on regulatory requirements and compliance based on WEEE, RoHS and other similar rules
  • Advice on regulatory requirements relating to chemicals (e.g. REACH, CLP-advice)


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