In questions of technology and IT law, it is essential to understand both the business goals of the client and the technology itself.

Our technology and IT law specialised practice team is experienced in handling technology and IT law related assignments with high quality. We routinely assist our clients in a variety of contractual arrangement related to the exploitation and distribution of technology, such as licensing and distribution agreements.  In addition, our team routinely advises our clients in matters of software and IT service development, sales, licensing, distribution and maintenance.  Our expertise also covers open-source and data privacy questions.

Our experts counsel companies on various privacy protection matters as well as questions related to the acquisition, use and protection of personal data.


We quickly grasp even the most complex questions and will provide legal solutions tailored to our client’s business goals. Our agreements and agreement comments aim to be as concise and comprehensible clear and compact as possible, while still maintaining the highest legal level.

Together with our highly experienced Dispute Resolution team we have the capability to assist our clients in solving various disputes related to different aspects of IT.


  • Negotiating and drafting technology related agreements
  • Data privacy questions
  • Advising in different aspects of IPR
  • Litigation in the field of IPR
  • Due diligence and risk management in the field of IPR
  • Trade secrets
  • Drafting, commenting and negotiating IT agreements
  • Open-source questions
  • Dispute resolution in relation to IT and technology disputes