Merilampi successfully represented Skanska Asfaltti in the Asphalt Cartel follow-on damages trial

The extensive asphalt cartel trial in Finland attracted the interest of the European Commission and the other EU Member States. By any measure, it was the largest trial in Finland and the largest in the Nordic Countries centred on competition law. Over EUR 120 million was claimed in damages, and even the judgments totalled nearly 10,000 pages.

Merilampi successfully represented Skanska Asfaltti Oy, a subsidiary of Skanska Oy, in the trial. Skanska Asfaltti was, along with six other asphalt companies, defendant in damage cases related to the asphalt cartel that existed in Finland during the 1990s. The plaintiffs in the claims presented to Skanska were the Finnish Transport Agency representing the State of Finland as well as eight municipalities.

The most extensive cartel follow-on damages trial to take place in Finland concluded on 28 November 2013 as the Helsinki District Court gave its judgment on damages in the case. According to the decisions, the claims for damages of the State of Finland were dismissed, but the damages to municipalities were partly approved. In its decision, the court finds that jointly, the defendants are to pay EUR 37,4 million of damages altogether. Parts of this sum are joint liabilities and the rest is directly appointed to individual companies.

The judgments are appealable to the Court of Appeals of Helsinki.