Merilampi represented SSA Rakennus in a development project of commercial property

Merilampi represented the project’s main contractor, SSA Rakennus, in a commercial property development project to be built in Rovaniemi. The investor in the project is Serena Properties AB, owned by Redito. The property will encompass approximately 2800 square meters and will serve as business premises for Swedish department store Rusta.

SSA Rakennus, founded in 2015 is a construction company that builds apartments, business premises and sheltered homes. The company has previously built residential and commercial projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area but has expanded its operations throughout Finland this year.

Rusta is a Swedish family business that currently employs approximately 3,500 people in more than 160 department stores in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany.

Real Estate Transactions

For years, Merilampi has been a key player in the most significant real estate transactions in Finland, which have become increasingly complex and international. This is why experience and deep understanding of the real estate business and construction projects are integral to successfully performing assignments. Moreover, our clients appreciate our practical and clear style of working.

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