Merilampi represented Halton Group in the sale of Halton Clean Air Oy shares

Merilampi represented Oy Halton Group Ltd in the sale of Halton Clean Air Oy shares to the Swedish Dinair Group AB. Halton Clean Air manufactures and supplies filters for ventilation systems. The company’s net sales in 2014 were approximately EUR 8 million, and it employs 40 people. Halton Clean Air will continue its operations under the same name.

Halton Group is a Finnish family-owned company, which was founded in 1969. The Group operates in 30 countries and had net sales of EUR 189 million in 2014.

Dinair Group is a developer and manufacturer of filters for ventilation, industrial processes and environmental protection. The company’s net sales before the acquisition of Halton Clean Air Oy were SEK 233 million.