Merilampi represented Cimcorp Oy’s shareholders in the sale of the company’s entire share capital to a Japanese family-owned company Murata Machinery Ltd. (“Muratec”). The transaction also included Cimcorp’s subsidiaries: Cimcontracting Oy, registered in Finland, and RMT Robotics Ltd., registered in Canada.

Muratec and Cimcorp are global leaders in their respective branches of the material handling system industry. Cimcorp Group is a supplier of robotics-based automation systems for tire, retail, food and postal industries. The group employs 300 people and has delivered 2,000 robotic systems across five continents. Muratec’s fields of operation are textile machines, machine tools, material handling systems, communication equipment and factory automation for clean rooms. Muratec Group employs 6,300 persons and has annual sales of more than EUR 1.6 billion.