Katso identification will be replaced with Suomi.fi e-Identification

Suomi.fi e-Identification is a joint identification service for public administration. Customer organisations can use the service to identify end-users in their own digital services. Familiarising yourself with the commission of the Suomi.fi e-Identification is important – especially to those foreign company representatives who do not have a Finnish personal identity code or online banking code. Authorities providing these digital services are, for example, Kela, Customs, Incomes register, Tax Administration, KEHA/TE-services, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland and Keva.

Suomi.fi e-Identification supports online banking codes, the mobile ID and the certificate card (electronic ID card, organisation card and healthcare smart card). Detailed instructions for the commissioning of the Suomi.fi e-Identification can be found here.

Foreigners can use identification tokens from other European countries approved for cross-border identification (eIDAS token), or the Finnish Authenticator application if the e-service has enabled its use.

eIDAS token

Common European eIDAS identification enables the use of public administration’s digital services in Europe across national borders. In the Finnish authority’s digital service, a person using the identification of another eIDAS country is directed, based on his or her home country, to identify in the service with his or her own (national) identification token. Detailed instructions for the identification can be found here.

Finnish Authenticator Identification Service

The Finnish Authenticator Identification Service allows foreigners to use Finnish public administration e-services that have introduced the identification using the Finnish Authenticator application. It is intended only for foreigners who have used Katso identification and who do not have a Finnish personal identity code and who cannot use Finnish identification tokens. In the service, a foreigner registers his or her foreigner’s user identifier (UID) and verifies his or her identity using the Finnish Authenticator application. In addition, the user will take a photo of oneself, as well as of his or her passport or national ID card. The identification service will confirm the person’s identity if the photo and the information in the identity document match. After the registration is successful, foreigners can log in to the e-service using their user identifier or email, password and application PIN. Detailed instructions for the registration can be found here.

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