Jussi Honkasalo rewarded with Veikko Palotie grant

Merilampi Attorneys, together with Paulo Foundation, annually awards a grant to a post-graduate student for a praiseworthy master’s thesis. This year the Veikko Palotie award was granted to LL.M. Jussi Honkasalo for his thesis titled ”When Players Become Developers – A Study on Copyright in Game Modifications and the Practice of Acquiring Such Rights through an End User License Agreement”. The award consists of Veikko Palotie -medal and a grant of EUR 4000.

Jussi Honkasalo’s master’s thesis aims to clarify, in light of the general principles of copyright law, to what extent copyright may subsist in content created for a computer game by an individual player. In particular, it is considered whether a player’s contribution to the content of a computer game may be protected separately from other copyrights subsisting in the game. In addition, the master’s thesis outlines the manner in which the rights vesting in player-created content are, in practice, addressed in agreements between a game company and an individual player. The author utilizes examples from the terms of service employed by game companies when considering this issue of contract law. (Summary by Jussi Honkasalo)