GCR 100 rankkasi Merilammen jälleen yhdeksi johtavista kilpailuoikeustoimistoista

Maailman johtavia asianajotoimistoja kilpailuoikeuden alalta listaava Global Competition Review’n GCR 100 on sijoittanut Merilammen kilpailuoikeustiimin ”Highly Recommended” -kategoriaan vuoden 2016 julkaisussaan. GCR 100 on kansainvälisen kilpailuoikeudellisen julkaisun Global Competition Review’n kokoama selvitys maailman johtavista kilpailuoikeusasianajotoimistoista.

GCR 100 toteaa julkaisussaan Merilammen kilpailuoikeustiimistä seuraavaa:

Arttu Mentula leads the two-partner practice at Merilampi, one of the longest-tenured groups in Finland – Mentula and partner Erkko Ruohoniemi helped in drafting Finland’s competition law. Buttressed by one counsel and six associates, Mentula says the group is busy and getting busier as the firm wrangles with complex issues in all manner of competition cases, from merger work to cartels and dominance matters.

Topping the Merilampi docket is the firm’s work for the five Finnish dairies which protested Valio’s alleged predatory pricing practices in the raw milk market. The authority handed down a record €70 million fine in that case, which is now under appeal, and the firm is leading a follow-on damages case against Valio on behalf of the dairies. Mentula and his group also advise Skanska in the asphalt cartel proceedings, which are now under appeal at the Court of Appeal. Elisa is also a major client, and the firm has carried on for Koivunen in the follow-on damage claims connected to the authority’s car parts cartel investigation.