Finnish Bar Association introduces Media Attorney function – Jussi Ikonen appointed as Media Attorney

The Finnish Bar Association will introduce Media Attorney function starting from January 2021. Merilampi’s Partner and Chairman of the Board Jussi Ikonen has been appointed as a Media Attorney together with Attorney-at-Law Liisa Pellinen.

The purpose of the new function is to inform the public about the work of attorneys in general and to deal with common questions relating to the administration of justice, defense in court and dispute resolution. The task of the Media Attorneys is also to shed light in an accessible and intelligible way on the role of Attorneys-at-Law in the Finnish legal system, why all defendants have the right to a professionally managed defense, what kind of different tools can be used in disputes and in which cases one should turn to an Attorney-at-Law.

The Media Attorney function follows the example of the so-called Media Judge function introduced by the Helsinki District Court in 2018. The Media Judge function has created new links between the public and the legal system. There is a clear demand for accessible information about the administration of justice.

“Only few know how diverse the profession of Attorney-at-Law is. I mainly work with court cases and arbitrations between companies, but I also often deal with questions concerning contract law, employment related disputes and liability issues. The goal of a Media Attorney, in addition to dealing with the basic questions, is to present this interesting profession to the public – and perhaps also inspire colleagues to join the discussion“, Jussi says in the Finnish Bar Association’s press release.

Jussi serves as a Member of the Board of the Finnish Bar Association. He serves particularly as a representative of Helsinki-based business law firms.

Read more from the Finnish Bar Association’s press release in Finnish here.

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