Merilampi Attorneys, together with the Paulo Foundation, annually awards a grant to a graduating law student at the University of Helsinki for an exceptional master’s thesis. Each year, the Faculty of Law chooses 2-3 excellent master’s theses, the topics of which are of interest to the field of business law. Merilampi Attorneys and the Paulo Foundation present the award to one thesis based on the Faculty’s proposal.

Merilampi Attorneys and the Paulo Foundation award a grant of EUR 4000 and a Veikko Palotie-medal to the author of the winning thesis. This valued award is given each year on Veikko’s day in a gala organised by Merilampi Attorneys.

The tradition began in autumn 2009 when Paulo Foundation and the then Veikko Palotie Attorneys & Co Oy (today Merilampi Attorneys) decided together with the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki to found the Veikko Palotie Award.

Veikko Palotie Award winners

  • 2019 LL.M. (MICL) Jere Lehtioksa: Big Data as an Essential Facility: the Possible Implications for Data Privacy
  • 2018 LL.M. Ella Soldan
  • 2017 LL.M. Mikko Eloranta
  • 2016 LL.M. Jussi Honkasalo: When Players Become Developers
  • 2015 LL.M. Ilari Mustonen
  • 2014 LL.M. Annika Ojantakanen
  • 2013 LL.M. Alexis Huldén
  • 2012 LL.M. Anna-Maarit Laurila
  • 2011 LL.M. Jukka Pello
  • 2010 LL.M. Timo Ala-Hallila