BLOG: Noora’s first months at Merilampi

I started at Merilampi as an Associate in the beginning of June and would like to share my experiences so far.

Starting a new job is of course always a bit daunting. However, coming to Merilampi was easy. This was partly because my first day was the first day for the entire Merilampi staff at our new premises. Therefore, it was a new beginning for everyone. Furthermore, our new CEO, Heidi Merikalla-Teir started on the same day.

I had a very warm welcome and even though I am an Associate, I have not had to stay in the background. I get to interact with clients and to be involved in the handling of the office’s high-profile cases. Merilampi’s IP practice is now evolving and growing faster than ever, and I have also been able to take an active role in the development of the practice together with Henrik af Ursin, the head of our IP team. I feel privileged to get to present my own ideas about the development, and, in that way, I also get to influence my own work.   

The variety of my tasks from IP specialist work to taking care of the marketing and commercialisation of our services makes my job very interesting. Another thing that brings nice variation to my work is the fact that many of our clients are international, so I also get to utilise my language skills at work.

One thing above all at Merilampi, however, is the team spirit and the great atmosphere. The warm atmosphere is partly due to our very own canteen, Annela. Spending the lunch hour with my work mates allows me to really get to know everyone. Also, since I started, we have already had a variety of joint activities from having breakfast with the entire staff to going out for a jog together. Because of the new premises, the ambience at Merilampi is still somewhat festive, and we’ll celebrate several housewarming parties throughout the autumn.

I wish everyone a happy start to their autumn!

Noora Arkia

Noora Arkia

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